Tuesday 16 November 2010

UFO’s could be potential warning of Natural Disaster

Following the recent sighting of a potential UFO last month in Southport, new investigations have gone further suggesting that UFO’s may in fact be a warning of a natural disaster.

UFO sightings quite common for Lancashire area

UFO’s have been spotted locally, nationally and even globally right before a natural disaster. Pat Regan founder of the North West UFO research offers a vocal point for people that have information on sightings of UFO’s. Mr. Regan has made many attempts to get local and national people to come forward with any information he said “I’m not the first one to say Lancashire is a hot spot, I have written to hundreds of newspapers and physically asked people to report stories to me.’ Mr. Regan was receiving feedback on a day to day basis.

One of the more recent examples of sightings before a natural disaster is the earthquake earlier this year that effected parts of Cumbria. According to Mr. Regan there were several reports made before this from people claiming to see unexplained lights and objects in the sky.

Warnings Globally

Just days before the Tsunami earthquake in south and south East Asia there were over a hundred reports of mysterious lights and flying objects in the sky and for some time before that people in India were making similar claims of strange objects hovering around in the sky. The local media in Asia started to suggest that this may be a communication of some kind.

A lot of people believe we may in for more potential disasters as far as earthquakes; volcanos and similar natural calamities are concerned.

But what’s the likeliness?

Simon Murpthy a stellar astrophysics student at the university of Central Lancashire is more sceptical saying “I believe people have seen things they don’t know how to explain, I’m not necessarily sure that indicates some kind of alien craft. Most scientists would agree that you expect around 10,000 alien civilisations in our Galaxy, but we don’t actually observe any evidence.” He went on to say “If they did send us a message it would take us at least 25,000 years to receive, if we did at all”.

What do you think?

The subject seems to be very controversial however there has been a huge increase of people of all ages and locations coming forward with information on sightings. If you have any more information or would like to comment on the topic please email: ALDillon@uclan.ac.uk

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