Thursday 4 November 2010

Journalism is changing. The way it is created, accessed and shared.

The Digital Newsroom in enabling this to happen quickly and easily. It is up to us, a new generation of journalists to continue this growth but we must also be aware of the threats associated with the changes in the technical world. In this presentation we will explain the threats and the opportunities that face digital journalists day to day.

In this presentation we have covered a vast range of technological advances in journalism. The growth of the digital newsroom brings many opportunities but journalists in the 21st century must also be aware of the threats. We have compared the industry from old media such as newspapers to new media platforms including social networking sites.

"Twitter is a useful way to hear of stories, but then journalists still need to go out and check them." David Schlesinger, Head of Reuters.

Digital journalists must be capable to work with the new media but must not forget the traditional methods of sourcing a story, going out and interacting with the public.

"The information industry will become more of a boutique business. The customers will be people and their computers agents. The public will pull what it wants from the internet and digital media, rather than accept what is being pushed at it by the media giants. Media consumption is becoming customised according to individual taste, and the monolithic empires of mass media are dissolving into an army of cottage industries – making obsolete ‘industrial – age across ownership laws.'" Nicholas Negropon, 'Being Digital', Vintage 1996.

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By Amy Birch, Matthew Worthington, Ashleigh Dillon and Russell Keers

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